How To Apply Self-Tanning Mousse

You want a beautiful tan, but you don't want the harmful effects that come from the sun. So, what do you do? You get the Ó Glo!

If you're trying to get healthy, glowing skin, the magic is just as much in the process as it is in the products. It's important to use a self-tanning application mitt so you don't get your hands dirty, and so your self-tanning mousse will go on evenly and smoothly. A long-haired mitt is a perfect complement to any luminous skincare product because it will trap the tanning mousse into the hairs and distribute it in perfect harmony as your glove glides across your body.

Don't leave yourself wondering how to get a tan fast without the sun. The all-natural botanicals in Ópalens' luminous skincare products are here to give you an effortless, natural-looking glow and dewy complexion.


Exfoliate your skin and then moisturize any dry areas, paying special attention to the elbows, knees, feet, and hands. When you want luminous skin, you have to set a foundation that will allow your professional self-tanning products to do their work on a blank, well-manicured canvas.


Apply 1-2 pumps of product per body part onto the Ópalens self-tanning application mitt. Gently rub in circular motions to ensure full coverage. The natural botanicals in Ópalens' cruelty-free self-tanner products will take effect soon, and before you know it, you'll have a natural Ó Glo that's ready to be shown to the world!


Wait until the skin is dry to touch before getting dressed. The self-tanners color will develop instantly, but wait 6-8 hours before showering for a flawless golden, natural tan and luminescent skin. A typical self-tanner application goes on and begins to develop quickly, but you don't want to shower or wipe off your freshly glowing layer. Pro-tip: Apply tanner before bed so you can get your beauty sleep and wake up glowing! Simply rinse off in a quick shower and start your day.


Show off your glowing skin! Enjoy the confidence that comes with healthy, radiant skin from head-to-toe. Now that your dewy complexion has come to fruition (thanks to your professional self-tanning products), the world is ready to enjoy your Ó Glo! When it comes to how long your glow lasts, everyone’s skin is different. Our long-lasting, premium tanning products can keep your glow up to 5-7 days. When your tan is fading, simply repeat the process.

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Ópalens is here for all of your self-tanning beauty needs. Read below for our most frequently asked questions about self-tanners.

Why Choose Sunless?

According to, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other forms of cancer combined.

That's a great reason to stay out of the sun or make sure you're wearing effective sunscreen while you're outside. But sunscreen, by nature, inhibits the natural glow you could otherwise get if you were able to tan with the help of the sun.p>

That's why sunless tanning has become more and more popular over the years. Thanks to all-natural products, you can enjoy a dewy glow without exposing your skin to the harmful effects of UV rays. Plus, the effects of Ópalens natural skincare products begin to take effect almost immediately, so you won't have to wait long to see your beautiful glow.


Are All-Natural Self-Tanning Products Safe?

Because we use CBD Oil, 30+ all-natural botanicals, and 10+ antioxidants to enrich our products, most people's skin will love our self-tanning mousse. There is a chance that people with highly sensitive skin might react, but side effects are rare, and the chances of damaging your skin from the sun are far more intrusive and threatening. If you're unsure if your skin will react to our all-natural self-tanning products, we'd recommend applying only a small amount to an area that's normally covered by clothing at first.

Is Self-Tanning Right for Me?

In a word, yes!

Self-tanning is the perfect alternative to sun tanning, which can not only cause premature aging, but it can also lead to skin cancer and other problems down the road.

Not to mention, it can easily be integrated into any busy schedule.

Is Tanning Mousse Better than Spray Tanning?

Yes, tanning mousse is better than spray tanning. Why? Because spray tanning introduces chemicals into the environment, which you'll inhale each time they're sprayed. If you have respiratory problems, or if you're pregnant, you'd likely be advised by your doctor to stay away from spray tanning completely. Even if you don't currently have respiratory issues, you could develop them if you don't use a disposable mask and earplugs when you're getting spray tanned.

With tanning mousse, you don't have to worry about these negative health effects. The mousse simply goes into your self-tanning application mitt and gets smothered onto your smooth skin. Within minutes, it will begin to activate and start to turn your canvas into a golden work of art.


Will My Skin Turn Orange?

No! Unnatural products can turn your skin orange and leave your body wishing you'd never done that.

High-end brands, such as Ópalens, use all-natural ingredients that fight against discoloration and deliver natural-looking results.

If you still have questions, reach out to Also be sure to check out our blog for all of the latest and greatest self-tanning beauty tips and tricks.