How To Get Tan Fast Without Sun

It's no secret that too much sun is bad for our skin. But sometimes, you can’t help but think your skin simply looks better when it’s tan. It covers up uneven sunspots, veins, and even makes cellulite less noticeable. However, with sun exposure comes sun damage, so it’s important to take a break from the sun and give your skin a healthy (yes, we mean fake and not bake) tan. So how do you get that sun-kissed glow without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays? Ópalens has the answer!

What Do We Mean by "Tanning Without the Sun"?

For many people, a good tan is an essential part of looking and feeling their best. But with the dangers lurking in UV rays, it's not safe to hang out in the sun or dedicate time to tanning beds, knowing what we know about the damage that can be done. Luckily, there are ways to get that glow without exposure to the sun's harmful rays. At Ópalens, we've created luminous skincare products that can give you a light or dark glow with a quick at-home fix!

Everyone wants that one-of-a-kind product, right? Well, we’ve created it! Meet the first of its kind, our sunless tanning CBD-infused mousse. This quick-and-easy fix to your self-tanning needs will have your skin looking radiant and glowing in no time at all. Our body filter product provides an instant all-over tan or enhances your current tan while our self-tanning mousse optimizes the look with a darker, cleaner sun-kissed glow. It takes less than five minutes to apply both glow products, and the end result is an instant tan without the negative effects of the sun.

So How Bad is the Sun, Really?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, with more than 9,500 people being diagnosed with the disease each day. If that's not alarming enough, the Skin Cancer Foundation indicates that more than two people die of skin cancer in the United States every hour and cites the fact that an estimated one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70.

Womans leg with sunscreen drawn like a sun

Of course, we don't say this to scare you, but it is important to know why sun exposure can be incredibly dangerous. When you're outside or in a tanning bed, UV rays pierce your skin and start to mess with your DNA. If your skin burns, which often happens before people realize, the skin cells become so sun damaged that they die. Melanin, a coloring pigmentation found in skin cells, determines how dark a tan will get. The pigment is produced when the UV rays encounter the skin's surface. When a lot of melanin has been produced, the tan will become darker.

Thankfully, you can get that same sun-kissed glow without exposing yourself to the dangers of UV rays. Ópalens gives you the perfect, healthy tan inside the comfort (and protection) of your own home.

Illuminate Your Natural Beauty: Introducing a Healthy Way to Tan

Ópalens is proud to introduce the first-ever CBD bronzing mousse, moisturizer, and face serum on the market. Each of our products is made with natural and cruelty-free vegan ingredients to help you achieve healthy, unharmed, tan skin. We've created a skincare line with sunless tanner that allows you to protect your body from the sun while enjoying a gorgeous glow. Our products are designed to give you confidence and eliminate your want or need to be in the sun or make that tanning bed appointment. The ingredients in Ópalens' products also help repair your skin from previous sun damage. We're proud to be a tanning line that focuses on our consumers' needs and desires while using natural, good-for-your-body ingredients.

Ópalens woman after applying the origional tanning mousse

The Secret is Out

Natural tanning in the sun is an outdated fad, but natural-looking tans that are reminiscent of kisses from the sun are totally in. Steer clear of the sun's harmful rays by using a safe self-tanner that'll give you the radiant shine you desire. Watch your confidence grow as Ópalens' natural skin care products begin to repair your past skin damage and enliven your look. Don't worry—our entire line is comprised of scare-free products that anyone can use with self-assurance.

Ópalens is proud to be the first self-tanning company that provides healthy CBD oil for skin care throughout our product line. If you're ready to get your glow on in a healthy way, we're ready to welcome you to the Ópalens family! Order the best sunless tanner today!



“I have always been very intimated by self tanners because of streaking and looking unnatural. Ópalens made it fool proof. The color is perfect, moisturizing, truly magic in a bottle!”

-Sharol Nuckolls